Joma Gold Pro Padel Racket


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Develop all your power in every game thanks to the Joma Gold Pro racket. Its diamond shape creates a leverage effect that allows you to inject maximum energy into each stroke. Your opponent will have to receive your most powerful hit.

The outer layer is made of 18k carbon fiber. 18,000 intertwined carbon filaments that create a resistant racket with extra power compared to a 12K carbon.

The inner core is built with EVA PRO technology, which combined with the outer 18K carbon, provides necessary control to develop the maximum power in your stroke in a controlled way.

  • Weight: 360 – 380 {g}
  • Shape: diamond
  • Range: high – professional
  • Core: EVA PRO
  • Side: 18k carbon fibre
  • Frame: carbon fibre
  • Thickness: 38 mm
  • Control: 30%
  • Power: 70%
  • Balance: high




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