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Equipment & Accessories

Triple Dot Sport offers a variety of training equipment and coaching aids. We supply cones, bibs, markers, hurdles, agility ladders and much more.

Training Cones Training Cones

Contact Us for a quote on Training Cones. At triple dot we supply training cones in all sizes and a variety of colours. Sizes:2 inch (also known as flat cones or markers)6 inch pointed cones9 inch pointed cones12 inch pointed cones15 inch p..

Agility Slalom Poles Agility Slalom Poles

Contact Us for a quote on Agility Slalom Poles. our slalom poles are available with a spring or without a spring. Sold in packs of 10...

Agility Hurdles Agility Hurdles

Contact Us for a quote on Agility Hurdles. We supply a range of agility hurdles. We have fixed sizes as well as adjustable height hurdles.Sizes:6 inch fixed size9 inch fixed size12 inch fixed size15 inch fixed size18 inch fixed size20 inch fixed..

Agility Ladder Agility Ladder

Contact us for a quote on Agility Ladders. our agility ladders are 4m long. 2 ladders can clip together to form a 8m ladder if required...

Passing Arcs Passing Arcs

Contact Us for a quote on Passing Arcs. passing arcs are a must for soccer training drills. refine your passing accuracy, dribbling skills and technique with our passing arcs...

Lateral Resistor Lateral Resistor

Contact Us for a quote on Lateral Resistors. our lateral resistors are strong and durable. made from high quality materials, with adjustable velcro straps for comfort...

Speed Parachute Speed Parachute

Contact us for a quote on speed parachutes. build your fitness and stamina with our speed parachutes. available in small and large sizes...

Ball Carry Bag

Contact us for a quote on ball carry bags. our ball carry bags are made from nylon and mesh. the bag is a drawstring bag and has a strap to carry the bag.carries approximately 10 to 12 balls (measured with size 5 soccer balls)..

Plastic Ball Pumps

Contact us for a quote on ball pumps. ..

Double Action Ball Pump

Contact us for a quote on double action ball pumps. ..

Electric Ball Pumps

Contact us for a quote on electric ball pumps. High power ball compressor pump...

Plastic Whistles with Lanyard Plastic Whistles with Lanyard

Contact us for a quote on plastic whistles. ..

Fox 40 Whistles Fox 40 Whistles

contact us for a quote on fox 40 whistles. the whistle of choice for all referees. we supply the full range of fox 40 whistles.Fox 40 CMG Classic Whistle with LanyardFox 40 CMG Finger Grip WhistleFox 40 Sonik Blast WhistleFox 40 Pearl WhistleFox..

Stop Watches with Lanyard Stop Watches with Lanyard

Contact us for a quote on stop watches. we supply a range of stop watches with lap memory functions.2 lap stop watch10 lap stop watch30 lap stop watch50 lap stop watch100 lap stop watch..

Water Bottle Carriers Water Bottle Carriers

Contact us for a quote on water bottle carriers. our water bottle carriers fold away for easy storage and transport. each carrier carries 10 bottles.Available in black or blue. Water bottles sold separately...

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