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At triple dot we supply a range of swimming equipment for all ages.

Jex 202 Starting Pistol - OUT OF STOCK

Contact us for a quote on the Jex 202 starting pistol. The jex 202 starting pistol is the starting pistol of choice for most athletics events in South Africa and around the world. This gun is safe and easy to use. it features a double zinc alloy..

Jex Starting Pistol Caps - OUT OF STOCK

Contact us for a quote on Jex starting pistol caps. The Jex starting pistol caps are safe and easy to use. These starting pistol caps are manufactured to provide a loud explosive sound, for athletics and swimming events. Each box contains 100 st..

Electric Starting Pistol Electric Starting Pistol

Contact us for a quote on the Electric starting pistol. The electric starting pistol is perfect for athletics events and swimming galas. It is safe and environment friendly, and requires no gun powder.The Electric starting pistol features adjust..

Athletics Megaphones

Contact us for a quote on athletics megaphones. A must for all sports days. our megaphones are loud and are battery operated. it includes a aux jack to connect a microphone, smartphone and even the Jex Electronic starting gun. Our megaphones als..

Athletics Starting Flags

contact us for a quote on Athletics flags. used by the starter and time keeper at athletics events and swimming galas to signal when the race is ready to commence. ..

Athletics Lap Counter with Bell

contact us for a quote on athletics lap counters. used to signal how many laps are remaining in a running or swimming race. includes a bell to signal the final lap.the bell can also be purchased separately on request. IMAGES SHOWN ARE AN I..

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