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High Jump

At Triple Dot we supply a variety of high jump equipment. We supply uprights, crossbars and landing mats in a variety of sizes.

High Jump Landing Mat High Jump Landing Mat

Contact us for a quote on High jump landing mats. We supply a range of high jump landing mats for all ages. our landing mats are durable and long lasting. our landing mats are available in 3 sizes. a custom made size can be done on request. All ..

High Jump Uprights High Jump Uprights

Contact us for a quote on High jump uprights. our high jump uprights are easy to assemble and store. measurements are included on the poles and the height can be adjusted easily and quickly. We supply the clamps and measuring sticks separat..

High Jump Crossbar

Contact us for a quote on high jump crossbars. made of high quality fiberglass, our high jump cross bars are flexible and durable.IMAGES SHOWN ARE AN ILLUSTRATION. ACTUAL PRODUCT MAY DIFFER SLIGHTLY FROM IMAGES SHOWN...

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